Moon Secure Antivirus

Moon Secure Antivirus

Antivirus based on open source GPL

Moon Secure Antivirus aims to be the best Windows antivirus program based on open source (GPL) code.

Like all good antivirus programs, Moon Secure Antivirus offers protection in real time using the ClamAV database.

You can specifiy exactly which parts of your network Moon Secure checks even devices connected by USB.

However, Moon Secure has very few options although it doesn't consume much of your PC's resources making it a handy lightweight option.

Moon Secure Antivirus


Moon Secure Antivirus

User reviews about Moon Secure Antivirus

  • gbaloun

    by gbaloun

    "Danger trojan horse"

    When I tried to download the file ZoneAlarm stopped a Trojan Horse. I stopped the download. I never got to try it..   More.

  • Gene3333

    by Gene3333

    "Operating Systems Not Correctly Stated"

    I downloaded Moon Antivirus and attempted to install it on my Win98SE computer. It refused to install. The...   More.

  • Nindak

    by Nindak

    "Nice antivirus"

    I chose to download Moon Secure just out of a whim, and tried 1 which is really nice. But did find a beta of 2 and W...   More.